Sunday, June 16, 2024

Member Profile: Kumares Sinha

ATPIO Founding President Dr. Kumares C. Sinha is no stranger to the community of transportation professionals around the world. Dr. Sinha is Edgar B. & Hedwig M. Olson Distinguished Professor of Civil Engineering at Purdue University. He also serves as a Guest Lockheed Martin Professor of Engineering and Computer Science in University of Central Florida and an Eminent Scholar in Residence at Texas A&M University. He has been active in teaching, research and practice in transportation systems planning and engineering for about five decades. He currently serves on the Executive Committee of the Transportation Research Board and he is the Editor-in- Chief Emeritus of the Journal of Transportation Engineering. He has served on several Federal Advisory Committees in the US and has consulted for the World Bank on infrastructure and transportation issues. He is an Honorary Member of the American Society of Civil Engineers and a Member of the US National Academy of Engineering.


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